SLTBR meeting June 23-25, 2017


The 29th Annual Meeting will be held in Berlin (Germany) on June 23-25, 2017. The meeting will be in partnership with the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).Venue: DIN Building, Burggrafenstrasse 6, 10787 Berlin.

Map with directions from Hotel Sofitel Kurfürstendamm at Augsburger Str. 41, 10789 Berlin, Germany to the DIN building venue at Am DIN-Platz Burggrafenstraße 6 10787 Berlin.

All abstracts are now published in Neuropsychobiology


Social event: Thursday, June 22, 15:00-17:00 Museum Tour: Museumsinsel, Humboldt Forum, Masterplan: Berlin’s Cultural Heart in Transition, guided tour with Dr. Martin Maischberger Registration necessary (please register before June 20th by writing an email to

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Scientific program

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Invited symposium speakers (link to short bio and picture)

Invited symposium speakers

Marielle Aarts (PhD)



 Marielle Aarts

Francesco Benedetti (MD)


 Francesco Benedetti

George C. Brainard (PhD)



 George Brainard

Christian Cajochen (PhD)



 Christian Cajochen

Konstantin V. Danilenko (MD)


 Konstantin Danilenko

Achim Kramer (PhD)


 Achim Kramer

Dieter Kunz (MD)


 Dieter Kunz

Steve Lockley (PhD)


 Steve Lockley

Robert Lucas (PhD)


 Robert Lucas

Klaus Martiny (MD, PhD, DMSc)


 Klaus Martiny

Lukas von Orelli (lic. oec. jur)


 Lukas von Orelli

 Dan A. Oren (MD)


 Dan Oren

Stuart Peirson (PhD)


 Stuart Peirson


 Kathryn Roecklein (PhD)



 Kathryn Roecklein

 Dorothy Sit (MD)


 Dorothy Sit


 Anna Wirz-Justice (PhD)



 Anna Wirz-Justice


Kenneth P. Wright Jr. (PhD)



 Kenneth Wright Jr.


Katharina Wulff (PhD)




 Katharina Wulff