Online conference recordings


(CLICK HERE) What are the characteristics of healthy light – Robert Lucas 

(CLICK HERE) Pupillary Regulations of Melanopic Irradiance in Natural Scenes – Rafael Lazar

(CLICK HERE) Controlling Melanopic Irradiance in Evening Display Light – Isabel Schöllhorn

(CLICK HERE) Automated control of realistic office lighting – Marta Benedetti

(CLICK HERE) Gold, silver or bronze: time of day can make the difference – Renske Lok


(CLICK HERE) Chronobiology in the real world – Vikki Revell 

(CLICK HERE) A dialogue between the fields of retinal computation and light therapy – Gregory W. Schwartz

(CLICK HERE) Genetic variants influencing sleep and chronotypes – Martin K. Rutter 

(CLICK HERE) Chronotherapeutic Treatments for Bipolar Disorders – John F. Gottlieb 

(CLICK HERE) Effect of Retinal Innervation Over Circadian Control of Behavior – Diego C. Fernandez

(CLICK HERE) Out of the blue? – Timothy Brown

(CLICK HERE) A subcortical visual circuit for the spatial memory-promoting effects of light treatment – C. Ren 

(CLICK HERE) Light therapy as treatment for fatigue: Results from a RCT – Daniëlle Starreveld 

(CLICK HERE) Arctic project on Human-Centric Lighting – Denis Gubin

(CLICK HERE) Light and sleep quality in hospitalized patients – Mirjam Münch

(CLICK HERE) The Effect of Naturalistic Light on Post-Stroke Complications in Stroke Patients – Anders Sode West


(CLICK HERE) Melanopsin contributions to visual and non-visual functions – Manuel Spitschan

(CLICK HERE) Light, sleep and circadian rhythms – Anne Skeldon

(CLICK HERE) Circadian light sensitivity in the context of major depression – Elise M. McGlashan

(CLICK HERE) Shining light on substrate metabolism – Jan-Frieder Harmsen

(CLICK HERE) Dietary Intakes in Pregnant Women with and without a History of SAD – Robert D. Levitan

(CLICK HERE) Bright Light Therapy: Clinical Workshop – Dorothy Sit, Sophie Faulkner