About us

The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR) is an international scientific non-profit organization devoted to promoting research and knowledge about the effects of light on the organism and the chronobiology of psychiatric as well as other medical disorders.

Founded in 1988, the SLTBR has brought together leading scientific experts, clinicians, and interested participants from different professional and multi-disciplinary backgrounds for discussion and exchange on the science and practical application of chronotherapy in medicine.

The last years have brought about an astounding surge in discoveries and scientific publications on the molecular background of biological clocks. Biological timing systems helping to adapt to regular circadian and seasonal changes in the environment were found in many different forms of life. Many of our members were actively involved in breakthrough-discoveries in this fascinating scientific field.

Much of the research development seen in Chronotherapeutics, with the use of light therapy, sleep time stabilization, sleep phase advance and wake therapy, melatonin and “dark” therapy, has been done by SLTBR members or collaborators, and promises to improve treatment in a wide range of psychiatric and medical conditions.

The SLTBR is helping the transition between molecular chronobiology and its clinical application in human health and medicine. Our goal is to make this knowledge of Chronotherapeutics available to all fields of modern medicine, and ultimately, to help improve treatment strategies and patient care.